Here are some resources I have found useful:
Just Breathe The Simplest Means of Managing Stress.
Breathing Like This Can Save Lives An inspirational article on the power of the breath.
How to Meditate in a Moment a cute video explaining how easy it really is. 
Online yoga sites I like
Ekhart Yoga
Ekhart is great yoga, safe and something for everyone, particularly Esther Ekhart's classes. As always, practice ahimsa and only do what you can do. There are some free classes.

Yoga Today 
Yoga Today can be strong and not always for intro/general people, but if you practice ahimsa and do things your way, there is some fun to be had. Subscription in US$9 per month.

Do You Yoga 
Do You Yoga currently has a FREE 30 day challenge where by they email you a link to a 20 minute class each day. As above, work with your own body, with variations that suit you. It is all free. 

Websites I like  
Janet Lowndes
Australian Institute of Yoga (Leigh Blashki) 
Yoga Dharma life (Paul Wooden)
Donna Farhi
Atisha Centre
Anahata Giri 
The Anna Centre 
Blogs I like  
Yoga for Healthy Aging
Eve Grzybowski
Yoga Dork
Sunday Morning Crew
Five-Minute Yoga
Buddhi Mind


"We learn to inhale completely and open to new experience. We learn to exhale completely and let go of unnecessary tension and the past. And we learn to rest in the pauses in between this arising and dissolving cycle." -- Donna Farhi